DATIL NM Rally 2015

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Cynthia's Guzzi

The Rally this year had a special purpose.

Cynthia Standlee passed this year and was a founder of this NM Guzzi rally.

The Rally has been held for 25 years..

Friday there was a special ride to sprinkle her ashes next to Dan her husbands on a local mountain.

God Bless her . She will be missed.


There was also a missing familiar face and Guzziest

JN Smyth was an inspiration to us all! 90+ and riding!

We lost him this year

He will be missed. RIP JN I am sure they had a Guzzi waiting for you!

A true rider!

Jim McDermot -- JN Smyth -- JJ Cerilli

The Grand Poo Bah in all his glory!

(Our AZ MGNOC rep Jim McDermott)

We need to get him a Fez or Crown or something!

Concrete Dick from Bisbee on the Franken-Guzzi (He won the Grand Prize 2 yrs ago)


George's new V-7II

George (iron butt) Warren won longest one way to the Rally 2300+ miles from Washington !

And at 80 years of age won oldest rider to ride in..

Road in on is brand new V-7 II

He gives as all something to live up to!


Christoph won for youngest to ride in (42)

He has a few years before we can call him one of the Guzzi Geezers!

He road in from AZ with us on his Griso 8V . Packed with camping gear, Ham radio, pies, cigars and God knows what else!

Every club needs a token "crazy Austrian"!


A very cool (Moto Guzzi Powered) Tri-King put together by Matt

---- JJ sitting on the Grand Prize Moto Guzzi convert. -------------------- Mike Larson trying out the fit of my 1400 touring. Looks like it fits to me!



His Daytona won best in show...

What a beautiful bike! I voted for it.


Thanks to all the hard work this is a great Rally.

Great group of folks put on a fun weekend for us and we just show up and have fun!

Grand prize this year was a Moto Guzzi Convert . Lots of other prizes given away and a great dinner.

---------- Matt and Stephan the ring leaders giving out the prizes ------------------- The Grand prize 1970's convert (automatic transmission )



The AZ group in Pie Town NM

Eating pie of course

We stayed at the lovely Largo Hotel and Cafe....

While at our stay at the Largo Hotel we met these two.

They are on an epic trip across the country in there 1912 EMF..

35 mph and just over 100 miles a day!


Christoph (NE7EE) Ronzo (KG7UHR) and myself (KC7KW) `

All had a APRS tracking system on our bikes .

Click the links below to see it on Google maps





This year JJ (John Cerilli) and I decided to avoid the 110+ Temp coming down to the valley after such a nice Rally.

We stayed at my family cabin on the rim and drove down very early. It was 90 degress when I got home.

Last year it was 114 and the gas was boiling in my tank!

At the cabin it was in the 60's and we had a nice time including a steak dinner on the grill.



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