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This is the Griso after modification

( blackening the bar risers is all I have left to do.)


I am not a guy that likes chrome much

so the first thing I do is blacken out as much chrome as I can..



Powder coated valve covers and all the other stainless as well as removing the rear sets.(foot pegs)





I am a big fan of steering stablizers/dampers.

No one makes anything for the Griso so I made one.

A HWY I drive all the time has some major ruts and almost had a tank slapper one day!

So I got to work and did the Damper for less than 75.00!



BAR RISERS (Exstension)


I had an issue with the riding position and found that just raising the bars 2" solved it..

Now I can ride the Grisso for a lot longer without any back pain.

I machined them to match the risers



Also Added an extra LED brake lights .

Ebay for 5$



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